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17.WALK,130616,Say the Black,Do the Red,Trad Catholic Priest-arc,19 min
16.WALK,130602,Why Celebrate VAT II,J Vennari,J. Bagnoli interview-arc,37 min
15.WALK,130512,The Electronic Age,Ferreira-Bagnoli,arcl,33 min
14.WALK,130428,Southern Poverty Law Center,Michael Mat-Joe Bagnoli interview-arc,32.5min
13.,WALK130421,Sounding-the-Trumpet-Against-Pornography,Trad Cath Priest- arc.26 min
12.WALK,130414(120122)Re Harmful Devices.Fr Cooper--arc,31 min
11.WALK,130407,McCall-Bagnolli Interview-arc,35 min
10.WALK,130324-130331(110417),Passion and Death of Christ, Bshp F.J. Sheen-arc, 32min
09.WALK,130317(120219),the_great_loss_of_faith,_fr_cooper-arc,28 min
08.WALK,130310(110130).OLOGS,Dr Marian Horvat,Bagnoli-arcl,28 min
07.130303, Regarding the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
06.WAlK,130224(130113)-We-Must-Become-Rocks-in-the-River-of-Revolution,Trad Cath Prieist-arc,25 min
05.WALK,130210(11023)-The-Holy-Ghost-and-Apostolic-Zeal, Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,27 min
04.WALK,130203(120819),M Mattt-Bagnoli Interview-arc,32 min
03.WALK,130127(111120),Mothers_sacrifice,Fr Burfitt-arc,31 min
02.WALK,130120 (120129),catholic_education_since_vat.ii,_fr_echert,j_bagnoli_arc,30min
01.WALK,130113 (110814),The Demonic,Bshp F Sheen-arc,34 min
18. WALK,130721,Fr. DeLallo,Hope & Trust in God-arc,20 min-2
28.WALK,131215, L. Verrecchio Interview re-Card. Maradiaga-Pope Francis-arc.32 min
27.WALK, 131124 Father Trevor Burfitt (SSPX) Sermon- Gratitude and Duty- arc, 26 min
26.WALK,131110, Chojnowski interview-Dialogue is impossible-arc,33 sec
25.WALK,131103,TCP, Evolution-Religion of the Antichrist-arc,26 min
24.WALK,131010,J Vennari,Pope Francis interview-arcl,46 min
23.WALK,130929,TCP-The French Rev and VAT II-arc29 min
22.WALK,130915, Verrecchio interview re John Courtney Murray,by J Bagnoli and L Verrecchio-arc,30 min
21.WALK,130901,The Sanctuary Lamp Has Gone Out,Trad Cath Priest-arc,37 min
20.WALK,130818,Who are the Pelagians,Trad Cath Priest-arc,26 sec
19.WALK,130804,Humble Prayer,Trad Catholic Priest-arc,20 sec
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