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-  2012 - 
26. WALK,120624,John Salza,J Bagnoli, Interview-arc,31 min
25. WALK,120617,TCP,Sunday after Ascension-arc,22.5 min
24. WALK,120610,Corpus-Christi, Reverence for the Real Presence, Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,24 min
23. WALK,120603(11023)-The-Holy-Ghost-and-Apostolic-Zeal, Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,26.5 min
22. WALK,120527,The Holy Ghost,Bshp Sheen,-arc,29 sec
21. WALK,120520,VOCR Interview,Bernard Janzen, J Bagnoli-arc,30 min
20. WALK,120513 (101003), Fatima-Last Chance for Peace,J. Vennar-arc,39.5 min
19. WALK,120506(110807),virtue_of_modesty,traditional_priest_arc,28_min
18. WALK,120429(111002),j_salza,re_sspx,j_bagnoli,edited,_arc,_31_min
17. WALK,120422(110123),sanctifying_grace,bshp_f_sheen_arc,_30_min
16. WALK,120415(101024),Vatican Mandate Re Pro Abortion Politicians,JH Westen,J Bagnoli-arc ,33 min
15.WALK,120408(100404),easter sermon, fr j pfeiffer-arc,28 min
14. WALK,120401(Maundy Thursday,2004),Eucharist and the Priesthood,Fr. J. Pfeiffer-arc,28 min
13. WALK,120325,Enemies of the True Catholic Church,Fr Hewko-arc,30.5 min
12. WALK,120318(110403),The-City-of-God-the-City-of-Man,Unkown Priest,JR-arc, 27 min
11. WALK,120311,Lies about Catholic History,Moczar Interview,J Bagnoli-arc,31.5 min
10. WALK,120304(110918),Modernism is Still Scourging the Church,Traditional Priest-arc,29.5 min
09. WALK,120226,Message of Fatima,John Salza,Joe Bagnoli interview-arc,32 min
08. WALK,120219(110227),the_great_loss_of_faith,_fr_cooper-arc,28 min
07. WALK,120212,Obama's Assault on Religious Freedom,Fr J Echert, Bagnoli interview-arc,33 min
06. WALK,120205,(20040208)-Feminism-Demeaning the Holy-Family-Trad Cath Priest-arc,26 min
05. Walk,120129 (110508),catholic_education_since_vat.ii,_fr_echert,j_bagnoli_arcl,30 min
04. WALK,120122 (100418),Re Harmful Devices.Fr Cooper--arc,30 min
03. WALK,120115,(110206),5th Sun Aft Epiphany,Fr J Pfeiffer-arc,28 min
02. WALK,120108,The Sacrament of Marriage, Bshp Sheen-arc, 26.6 min
01. WALK,120101,Circumcision of Our Lord,Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,25.5 min
50. WALK,121230,circumcision_of_our_lord,traditional_catholic_priest_arc,25.5_min
49. WALK,121223,Divinity of Christ,Bshp Sheen-arc,29 min
48. WALK,121209,Erroneous Celebration of VAT II,Trad Cath Priest-arc, 33 min
47.WALK,121202,Rome's Year of Faith,J Vennari,J Bagnoli,arc, with preamble 37 min
46. WALK,121125(110225),_pope_benedict_xvi_re_fatima,j_salza_interview,j_bagnoli_arc_30_min
45.WALK,121118(101031),Irrelevance of the Catholic Church since VAT II,J Vennari, J Bagnoli-arc,33 min
44. WALK,121111(110918),Modernism is Still Scourging the Church,Traditional Catholic Priest, preamble)- arc,29.5_min
43. WALK,121028,Purgatory, Bshp F sheen,(with VAT II preamble)-arc,28 min
42. WALK,121021,Capital-Punishment is Consistent with Dignity for Life,Trad Catholic Priest-arc,24 min
41. WALK,121014,Traditional Latin Mass, Trad Cathoilc Priest,Prts 1-2, arc-32 min
40. WALK,121007,19th Sun Aft Pent,  Feast of the Holy Rosary, Fr. Cooper Oct. 7, 2007-arc,23.5 min
39. WALK,120930(1109250,the_angels,fr_stephen_delallo_arc,25_min
38. WALK,120923,Trad Catholic Priest,Why Bother to Attend Holy Mass-arc,26 min
37. WALK,120916(111009),the_raising_of_children,fr_delallo_arc,28.5_min
36.WALK,120909,Randy Engel-Bagnolil Interview-arc,38 min
35. WALK,120902(101017),New Age-The Great Deceit,Bob and  Penny Lord-arc,31 min
34.WALK,120819,M Mattt-Bagnoli Interview-arc,31.5 min
33. WALK,120812, Fr. Cooper, Assumption Glory and Power of Mary-arc,23 min
32. WALK,120805,Vennari-Bagnoli Interview re Bishop G L Mueller-arc,33 min
31. WALK,120729,Chojnowski-Bagnoli Interview regarding Martin Luther-arc,32 min
30. WALK,120722,TCP,Fr. SC ,Precious Blood-arc,21 min
29. WALK,120715(110717,edited),Not the Religion of Conservatismm Fr. David  Hewko-arc,30 min
28. WALK,120708,Traditional Catholic Priest, Religious Liberty,John the Baptist-arc,23 min
27. WALK,120701(10918),Modernism is Still Scourging the Church,Traditional Priest-arc,29.5 min
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