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15. VOCT,150719, All Around Us There is Darkness, Fr. Michael Rodriguez
14.VOCT,141029,Vennari-Bagnoli Interview,2014 Synod on the Family-Final,40 min
13. VOCT,141016,Dr Brian McCall Interview by host J Bagnoli,final,39 min
12. VOCT,140919,FrSC  Exaltation of the Holy Cross-final,36 min
11. VOCT,140824,Re Harmful Devices.Fr Cooper--arc,30 min
10. VOCT,140727,McCall-Bagnolli Interview-arc,35 min
9. VOCT,140701,FrSC Two Queen Bees-Two Popes-fiinal,38 min
8. VOCT,140605 (Closing of Holy Innocents Church) 
7. VOCT,140521(120729)Chojnowski-Bagnoli Interview regarding Martin Luther-arc,32 min
6. VOCT,140425,Priestly Celibacy,Unknown Priest-final,19.5 min
5. VOCT,140330,John Salza interview-Limits of Papal Authority-final,39 min
4(a-c). VOCT, 140226, The Enemy Within,Fr Michael Rodriguez-Youtube version,55 min
      4a. VOCT,a, 140226,The Enemy Within,Fr Michael Rodriguez-final- Part I,19 min
      4b. VOCT,b,140226,The Enemy Within,Fr Michael Rodriguez-final- Part II,15 min  
      4c. VOCT,c,140226,The Enemy Within,Fr Michael Rodriguez-final- Part III.21 min
3. VOCT, 140127, The Loss of Catholic Identity, J.Vennari Interview by J Bagnoli-final,47min.mp3
2. VOCT, 140121, Characteristics of the Devil, Ven. Bishop Fulton J Sheen-final,utube,27min 
1.VOCT,140105, Archive of Our Lady of Good Success,Fr Feain-final,21.5 min
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