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50.WALK,111225,Divinity of Christ,Bshp Sheen-arc 28min
48.WALK,111211,Lies re Church History,Dr.Diane Moczar,J Bagnoli- arc,31 min
47.WALK,111204(101205),Immaculate Conception,Fr j Pfeiffer-arc,29 min.
46.WALK,11127 (10112),Purgatory, Bshp F sheen-arc,27.5 min
45.WALK,111120,Mothers_sacrifice,Fr Burfitt-arc, 29 min
44.WALK,111113,Assi 2011,J Vennari,J Bagnoli-arc, 31 min
43.WALK,111106,Holy Eucharist, Fr. J Pfeiffer-arc,28 min
42. WALK,111030,Christ the King, T Gabriel,J Bagnoli- arc,30 min
41. WALK,11023(20080511)-The-Holy-Ghost-and-Apostolic-Zeal, Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,27min
40.WALK,111016(St Isadore),The Use of Money, Fr Pfeiffer- arcl,29 min
39.Walk,111009(080427),The Raising of Children,Fr Delallo-arc,28.5 min
38.WALK,111002(110116),J Salza,re SSPX,J Bagnoli,edited, arc, 31 min
37.WALK,110925,(100606),The Angels,Fr Stephen DeLallo-arc,25 min
36.WALK,110918,Modernism is Still Scourging the Church,Unkown Priest-arc,29 min
35.WALK,110911,Mystic Snapshots,J. Roberts-arc,27.5 min
34.WALK,110828(101121,The Devastating Effects of the Novus Ordo Mass,Tom Gabriele-arc,A+B,58 min
33.WALK 110821(101114) Chastity,Pam Stenzil,J Bagnoli-arc,32 min
32.WALK,110814,The Demonic,Bshp F Sheen-arc,34 min
31.WALK,110807(100523),Virtue of Modesty,Traditional Priest-arc,28 min
30.WALK,110731(100627),Dale Ahlquist,Uneducating the Educated-G K Chesterton-arc,29min
29.WALK,110724(100228),The Politics of Catholic Higher Education,Dr Anne Hendershott,J. Bagnoli-arc, edited,30 min
28 WALK,110717(110123),Not the Religion of Conservatismm Fr. David  Hewko--arc,30 min
27.WALK,110710(100801),The Priest-The Man Set Apart,Traditional Catholic Priest-arc,26 min
1214),Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fr Cooper-arc,26_min
26 WALK,110703,(101107),Last Chance for Peace,Christopher Ferrara
25.WALK,110626,090531),Pentecost Sunday,Fr Pfeiffer-arc,
24.WALK,110619.(20050109)-The-Errors-of-Russia-How-They-Affect-Family-Life, Unknown Priest-arc,26 min

23.WALK,110612,(100620),Feast of the Sacred Heart,Unkown Priest-arcl,28 min
22.WALK,110605.Motu Proprio, J Venari,J Bagnoli-arc,31 min
21.WALK,110529,Re Traditional Catholic Education,T. Gabriele,J Bagnoli-arc,30 min
20.WALK,110522,Apostles and the Priesthood,Fr David Hewko-arc,29min
19.WALK,110515,Mary Our Mother,Bshp Sheen-arc, 28 min
18.WALK,110508,Catholic Education Since Vat.II, Fr Echert,J Bagnoli-arc,30 min
17.WALK,110501,(090201),Ahlquist,Chesterton,Bagnoli-arc,30.5 min
16.WALK,110424(100404),Easter Sermon, Fr J Pfeiffer-arc,28 min.
15.WALK,110417(100328),Passion and Death of Christ, Bshp F.J. Sheen-arc,27.5 min
14.WALK,110410,(091309),Vennari,Bagnoli,Hermeneutic of Continuity,mod,-arc,30.5 min
13.WALK,110403,The-City-of-God-the-City-of-Man,Unkown Priest,JR-arc, 28 min
12.WALK,110327 (080817),Colleen Hammond, J Bagnoli, Rebroadcast,edited-arc,30 min
11.WALK,110320.Sins of the Tongue,Fr J Pfeiffer-arcl,28 min
10.WALK,110225, Pope Benedict XVI re Fatima,J Salza Interview,J Bagnoli-arc-30 min
09.WALK,110306,Homosexuality in the Mil Svc,Fr Echert. J Bagnoli-arc,30 min
08.WALK,110227,The Great Loss of Faith, Fr Cooper-arc,edited,28 min
07.WALK, 110220,re Greg Chant,Kwasniewski,Bagnoli-edited-arc,30 min
06.WALK,110206,5th Sun Aft Epiphany,Fr J Pfeiffer-arc,28 min
05.WALK,110130.OLOGS,Dr Marian Horvat,Bagnoli-arc 28 min
04.WALK,110123,Sanctifying Grace,Bshp F Sheen-arc, 30 min
03.WALK,110116,J Salza,re SSPX,J Bagnoli,edited-arc,31 min
02.WALK,110109,J Vennari,J Bagnoli, Hoax of Global Warning-arc,31.5 min
01.WALK,110102,Circumcision of Our Lord,Unkown Catholic Priest-arc,26 min

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